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          Fuyansheng Electronics (Fujian) Co., Ltd. Is short for FAS.                         

          The Headquarters is local inFuzhou CIity Fujian province and the branch which is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu province, 

          FAS provides Industrial one-stop smart solutios, with a more cost-effective and more sustainable automation industry. Our product have IO-Link products, Cylinder Sensors, IO Junction Box, Rectangular Multi-Connector, Valve Island, Circular Connectors, Heavy Duty Connector, Cable Entry Plate,   Front Panel Interface, Industrial LED, Ethernet Switch. FAS products has been widely used in automobile parts assembly industry which can meet all functions from the control cabinet to the executive end, with ability to provide you with tailor-made, mature and reliable solutions and service.                                      

          As a R & D and manufacturing enterprise , FAS adheres to the value concept of R & D and innovation, and has reliable market application cases, perfect production capacity, efficient logistics transportation, Our team have sincere cooperation awareness to ensure high quality. We are look forward to cooperte with you!                                  

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